Grand Daddy

Welcome to Medill Cattle Co

Medill Cattle Co started in 2006, but the desire and passion to be a rancher started much earlier. My grandfather, on my mother’ s side, was born and raised in Medill, TX. A little town about 15 miles Northeast of Paris, TX.

There is really no town anymore but the name still shows up on the Texas map. My great-grandmother worked at the Post Office.

I have very fond memories of going to Paris with my family (or just my Grandfather) when I was a very young boy. The best times were when we would move the cattle from the summer pasture to where they would winter. We’d get up early in the morning, saddle up the horses and ride out to the cows and circle them up. The cows were used to being fed cake, so we would just honk the horn of the lead truck and then follow behind on horseback to get the stubborn ones!

We would lead the cows down roads and cross other pastures to get them to their finale location. In between, we would stop at the barn where we would give them their shots and work the calves. This was my favorite part.

As I grew older I didn’t have the time to go to Paris as much. I would change that if I could go back. Thinking about my future, I bought the property from my grandfather and began the hard work of clearing back some of the growth, building new fences, repairing the corrals and working pens.

In 2006 I purchased my first registered Red Brangus heifers from Don Cox. A couple years after that I purchased some more Cox cattle along with some cows from Dos XX’s and Brinks Ranch.

My goal is to raise bulls and cows that can confidently stand up next to any other in the breed. Not only should they have the right look with lots of muscle but they should be fertile and docile. Even though I still have a long way to go, I finally believe that I am starting to raise the kind of quality animals I am proud to show visitors to the ranch.